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Personal and Emotional Development Workshops

Curious to see how I help you manage the challenges in your life? My workshops offer you the chance to address troubling issues in a safe and friendly environment. For more information or to find out which events are coming up, check out the Positive Mind Counselling details on events below and get in touch.


Personal Development Workshop

This is a powerful, group experience in a safe, confidential space. We meet at 6pm ~ 8.30pm with a short break for refreshments. Using mainly discussions from creative, group tasks, we explore where you are now, where you would like to be, and the steps needed to get there. Share ideas with a small group, discuss problems and outcomes and make a distinct and individual plan for the future, to achieve your desired goal

It’s a friendly, informal but informative gathering, that can be truly enlightening and helpful. Learn about yourself, enhance your self-awareness, explore and find your true self.

Writing From The Heart Workshop

Share written ideas of self-reflection in a safe, non-judgemental group.  Learn more about your inner self - perhaps discover a hidden talent, but moreover, explore and enhance your self-development. This is a powerful, group experience in a safe, confidential space. We meet at 6pm ~ 8.30pm with a short break for refreshments. ​

Work-Life Balance Workshop

Experience a workshop where you can look at ways to reclaim some time for yourself and share ideas with others in a friendly, informal way. The session runs for two hours - 6pm ~ 8.30pm with refreshments available. At the end of the workshop you will hopefully feel free and energy-replenished and can start to enjoy units of time that are completely not work-related and guilt-free.

Understanding Panic Workshop

Look at healthy self -esteem and panic attacks. Discuss how the useful 'flight-fight' causes them, how we maintain panic attacks and how to conquer them. The workshop is two hours long from 6pm ~ 8.30pm, with refreshments available.

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